Our programs are based on the belief that educational leaders must be guided by a profound, practical vision that draws on the best of contemporary theory and practice. Together and individually, fellows in these programs develop their visions in a challenging setting that enables them to study the field of education first-hand and in depth, while encountering leading experts in relevant fields.



Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program

Established in collaboration with the IDF Education Corps, this one year program aims to advance educational vision and practice among senior IDF officers.


Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community

These in-service programs aim to develop a cadre of educational and social leaders within the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community.


Mandel Program for Youth Leadership

This one-year program aims to assist educational leaders of the senior leadership of Israeli youth movements in creating a shared platform for examining various aspects of education today.​

Coming Soon: Mandel Program for Leadership in Jewish Culture  

Mandel Progra​m for Leadership in Jewish Culture

The program, which will open in 2017–2018,​ aims to contribute to the vitality and diversity of Jewish culture in Israel by investing in leaders in education, culture, and community​.​​