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Cohort 3 of the Mandel Program for Youth Leadership Concludes Studies

The cohort’s 24 fellows are all senior figures in informal educational settings in Israel

​“Different ideas, identities, and theoretical approaches learn, develop, and move forward together in the hearts and minds of educational and social professionals of the highest quality – true leaders from a range of different informal education frameworks –  based on the understanding, the hope, and the belief that it is possible to act on dreams and bring them into realization. The third cohort of the Mandel Program for Youth Leadership has come to a close (although the work of its graduates is just beginning), and we turn our attention toward the fourth cohort. It is a great privilege for us at the Mandel Leadership Institute to be partners in this journey.” These were the closing remarks by Miki Nevo, the program director.

The 24 fellows of cohort 3 are all senior leaders of informal education networks in Israel. The cohort included representatives from all parts of this sector – leaders in youth movements, leaders in youth organizations, and directors and coordinators of municipal youth divisions.

The Mandel Program for Youth Leadership is a one-year program that provides, among other things, a framework for discussing the challenges facing Israeli society and the ability of the informal education sector to help address them. Similarly, the program aims to help the participants hone their educational identities, deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge, improve their familiarity with Israel’s social and educational realities, and develop their ability to implement their educational ideas.

Cohort 3 of the Mandel Program for Youth Leadership