Mandel Program for Educational Leadership in the IDF

Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program

A collaboration with the IDF Education and Youth Corps               

The Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program, launched in 2005 in collaboration with the IDF Education and Youth Corps, aims to develop IDF commanders as "educators in uniform" and to broaden their knowledge, concepts and practice of education. Participants in the program are specially selected IDF commanders from a variety of positions and corps within the IDF, including: Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy, Intelligence, Education Corps and the Technological and Logistics and Human Resources directorates. The admissions process begins within the IDF and concludes at the Mandel Foundation.

The Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program, which takes place in Jerusalem over the course of one academic year, addresses topics such as the goals of education; educational challenges in the IDF and in Israeli society; education for values; and models of educational leadership. Emphasis is placed on conceptualizing the experience and initiatives of the program's participants. During the program, participants encounter a diverse range of world-views and theories from leading thinkers, researchers and educators. The nature of the meetings varies from week to week and includes lectures, workshops, field trips and work in the field.

Program director: Lior Peri

​For more details about the program, please contact:
Program coordinator: Eitan Kehati ​
Phone: 02-568-8894 
Fax: 02-579-7869