Mandel Program for Youth Leadership

Mandel Youth Leadership Program

The Mandel Youth Leadership Program aims to realize a vision of a diverse society in Israel – a society that promotes equality and social justice in a shared space for all its residents.  To reach this goal, it designs and develops knowledge, abilities, and modes of action for leaders operating in the influential field of informal education for youth.

The fellows of the Mandel Youth Leadership Program are senior members of the leadership of informal education organizations in Israel (e.g., youth movements, youth organizations, municipal youth departments, and more), who shape the worldviews and methods of their places of work, as part of their desire to improve Israeli society.

The program aims to crystallize participants' educational identities, deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge, expand their understanding of society and education in Israel, and develop their ability to implement educational ideas.
The program takes place over the course of two academic years:

  • Year 1: The study sessions, held on Thursdays at the Mandel Leadership Institute in Jerusalem, include lectures, workshops, case studies, field trips, and meetings with professionals in the fields of education, society, and culture. Topics studied include theory and practice in education, social change and justice, contemporary Jewish and Zionist identity, and contemporary challenges in Israeli society.

  • Year 2: The second year of the program includes a combination of personal mentoring and group sessions, with an emphasis both on internalizing content and theoretical ideas and on implementing and integrating knowledge in the fellows' area of operation and activity.

The program faculty includes:

  • Cali Cohen, Program Director 
  • Dr. Yaron Girsh, Faculty Member
  • Roei Ben-Tolila, Senior Staff Member
  • Asaf Reshef, Staff Member
  • Yaeli Orly, Program Coordinator
  • Shira Shapira, Program Coordinator (Year 2)
  • Liat Carmi, Graduate Community Facilitator

For additional information about the program, please contact:
Yaeli Orly:
Phone: 02-568-8911 
Fax: 02-673-5961



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