Mandel Youth Leadership Program

The Mandel Youth Leadership Program is a platform for shared exploration of ideas and practices in informal education, and discussion of the challenges confronting the field in light of Israel’s evolving social and cultural reality. The program also aims to promote familiarity, discourse, and collaboration among different groups in Israel.

Participants in the program lead informal education organizations in Israel (youth movements, youth organizations, municipal youth departments, and so on). They shape the worldviews and work methods of these frameworks as part of their desire to improve Israeli society.

The program aims to crystallize participants' educational identities, deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge, expand their understanding of society and education in Israel, and develop their ability to implement educational ideas. 

The program takes place over the course of one academic year. The study sessions, held on Thursdays at the Mandel Leadership Institute in Jerusalem, include lectures, workshops, case studies, field trips, and meetings with professionals in the fields of education, society, and culture. Topics studied include theory and practice in education, social change and justice, contemporary Jewish and Zionist identity, and contemporary challenges in Israeli society.

Registration for the fifth cohort of the program has ended.

The program faculty includes:

  • Miki Nevo, Program Director 
  • Dr. Yaron Girsh, Faculty Member
  • Odeya Levin Sousanna, Program Staff
  • Neta Glikman, Program Coordinator

For additional information about the program, please contact:
Neta Glikman:
Phone: 02-568-8911 
Fax: 02-673-5961



Spotlight on Fellows

Monia Mansour

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Yoav Braver

Mandel Youth Leadership Program: Cohort 4 – Year 2 >>