Aviad Hollander

Rabbi Dr. Aviad Hollander

Faculty Member

​Aviad Hollander is a rabbi and educator, who served in the IDF as a military chaplain. In his last position in the army, he was a member of a joint team of the IDF Military Rabbinate and the Education and Youth Corps, which founded the IDF's Jewish Identity and Consciousness Division. Within the division, Aviad was the acting head of the bureau responsible for formulating professional guidelines for the transmission of content related to Jewish tradition and identity in the context of the IDF, as well as for developing training programs on these subjects for education staffs, the IDF rabbinate, and officer-training settings. Previously, Aviad was a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and at the Orot Israel College of Education. He has also lectured and facilitated study groups in informal education settings for adults. Aviad's main areas of expertise are ethics and mishpat ivri (Jewish law), rabbinic thought, religion and state, religion and the IDF, and philosophy of halakha. Aviad’s doctoral dissertation was titled “The Halakhic Profile of Rabbi Shlomo Goren: Studies in the Adjudicatory Deliberations and Modes of Substantiation in his Halakhic Writings.” While studying at Bar-Ilan University, he also studied and taught at the university’s Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies.