Dr. Nitza Roskin

Director, Mandel Leadership Program for Senior Civil Servants

Dr. Nitza Roskin is an organizational psychologist, consultant, and group facilitator who is the director of the Mandel Leadership Program for Senior Civil Servants. Her doctoral research, conducted at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, dealt with organizational identity from a narrative perspective. Nitza studied the construction of identity in a well-established educational institution in Israel and showed how the organization's central narratives help its personnel resolve the dissonance between the organization's social-educational ideology and the economic principles underlying its work. Nitza's main research and work interests include organizational identity, processes of constructing identity by narratives, and the interface between self-identity and professional and organizational identity. She explores the interface between the self, the collective, and leadership, in order to reveal the ties between them during the development of identity. This interface focuses on the individual's sense of real and imagined belonging to other collectives with which he/she is in dialogue, and on his/her perception of leadership. Nitza teaches graduate courses on organizational thinking and leadership.