​Tzvi Schreiber

Tzvi Schreiber

Faculty Member

​Tzvi Schreiber is the director of the Lustig Campus of the Lev Academic Center (JCT), which provides hundreds of Haredi women with training in software engineering and computer science in the faculty of engineering and with training in accounting and business management in the faculty of management. Previously, Tzvi was deputy director of the Kemach Foundation, which promotes the integration of ultra-Orthodox Jews into the labor market. He developed and directed the Center for Career Guidance, which referred thousands of Haredi men and women to professional training programs and academic studies, and was also involved in the establishment and operation of partnerships with academic and government bodies. In addition, Tzvi directed an educational institution for immigrants from English-speaking countries, was on the staff of a special program at the Retorno Psycho-Educational Center for Addiction Rehabilitation, and served as a tutor and workshop facilitator for the Mandel Program for Leadership in the Haredi Community and for the Hebrew University's Shluchei Tzibbur program for leadership in the Haredi community. Tzvi holds a bachelor’s degree from Ono Academic College and a master’s degree in business management from the Jerusalem College of Technology, where he specialized in finance and capital markets. He also holds diplomas in organizational consulting from Bar-Ilan University and in business and financial consulting from the Pilat Institute.