Education and Community

School and Community

The second meeting of Bimat Mandel (Mandel Platform) focused on school and community. At this session, which took place in January 2011, the role of the school within the community was discussed: as a central meeting place of community members, as an institution that molds the next generation of community members, and as an aren​​a for carrying out activities in the community.


Participating in the event were former Education Ministers Rabbi Yitzhak Levy, now one of the directors of the Israel Democracy Institute, and Prof. Yuli Tamir, president of Shenkar College. The former ministers presented their thoughts and insights on school and community, as well as dilemmas they have faced as citizens and professionals committed to improving society.

Following this, Mandel community members active in the field of education shared their experiences of school and community. Participants heard from Mandel graduate Yair Alberton, former school principal and today director of a non-profit organization for fostering community involvement; current fellows Limor Berman Harms, recipient of the national education award and Rabbi Ariav Yust, who previously served as an ed​​​​​ucator and rabbi; and graduate Ruti Lehavi, founder of the Keshet School for religious and secular students, who today runs the Principals Training pro​gram at David Yellin College.




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