Mandel Program for Leadership in the Haredi Community

Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community

The goal of these programs is to develop social leadership in the Haredi community, and to advance the community’s welfare and help it flourish

The Mandel Programs for Leadership in the Haredi Community are based on the premise that members of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community should be the ones to identify and propose solutions to the challenges facing their community, as they are  best suited to enable Haredi society to meet its challenges and to benefit its members and all of Israeli society, by virtue of the community’s great human and spiritual riches.

The programs aim to train an echelon of leaders who seek to engage faithfully with the needs of the Haredi public. They provide fellows with professional tools and skills that will enable them to respond to the needs of the community, to advance the community’s welfare and help it flourish, and to represent the community effectively in government and public systems. This is accomplished by presenting a broad professional perspective while preserving the deep loyalty that the programs’ fellows have to the values and norms of the Haredi community.

The programs equip fellows with knowledge and information, as well as a range of theoretical and practical tools. They introduce the fellows to the diverse population groups, systems, and principles of Israeli society; the work environment in the government and public sector, and to key mechanisms and systems in Israeli society. The programs also provide knowledge in fields that are relevant for public activists, such as governance, society, ethics, and law; equip fellows with better management, entrepreneurship, and policy tools; and improve skills in developing partnerships, building networks, and resource development.

Fellows in the programs include senior figures, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the fields of education, welfare, health, law, government, culture, and employment.

A new cohort opens each year, with separate cohorts for men and women starting in alternate years. Studies are held over the course of two academic years, with studies taking place one day a week (Thursdays). The program of study includes lectures, workshops, exercises, individual tutoring, meetings with leading figures, and occasional study tours and seminars.

Program Director: Dr. Naomi Perl
Program Coordinators: Miriam Haver (Men's track), Chaya Platner (Women's track)

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