Yael Hess

Director, Mandel Leadership Institute

Yael Hess, a colonel in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reserves and a graduate of the Israel National Defense College, served in key positions in the IDF Education Corps for many years. She commanded the Shaare Avraham training base, which trains the educational staff of all IDF units; she headed the Education Corps’ Culture Branch; and she commanded the IDF’s education system, which includes high-school completion courses, matriculation studies, preparation for enlistment, and the IDF’s Gadna bases, where future conscripts participate in week-long preparatory programs. In her last position in the IDF, Yael headed the Education Division of the IDF Chief Education Officer’s headquarters. In this combined educational and managerial position, she was responsible for defining the IDF’s educational approach; implementing the IDF’s spirit and values; and overseeing the work of the educational staffs of all IDF units, and the work of IDF hasbara (information) units throughout the country. She was also responsible for cultural activities for soldiers and for Holocaust education and commemoration throughout the IDF. From 2000 to 2003, Yael served as a community emissary of the Jewish Agency to North America and taught Hebrew in the department of Middle Eastern studies of the University of Arizona and at the Tucson Hebrew Academy. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a master’s degree in national security studies from the University of Haifa. Yael is a graduate of the Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program.

Ido Barkan

Director, Mandel Program for Academic Leadership

Ido Barkan is the director of the Mandel Program for Academic Leadership. Before joining the Mandel Leadership Institute, he was the head of the school superintendent division and a member of the management of Avney Rosha–The Israel Institute for School Leadership, where he led training and professional development for superintendents working for the Ministry of Education.. In recent years, Ido has served as a senior mentor in the Global Business Studies Program at the faculty of management of Tel Aviv University, an MBA program for outstanding international students. He is also one of the founders of the New School of Holon, a unique public school patterned after High Tech High in San Diego, which focuses on project-based learning. Ido began his career as a strategy consultant at TASC consulting firm. He holds a master's degree in education policy (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University and a bachelor's degree from the Amirim program for outstanding students and the cognitive science department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is a graduate of Advot, a joint venture between the Ministry of Education and MAOZ that aims to create a senior management pipeline for Israel's education system.

Lior Peri

Director, Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program

Lior Peri served in a variety of command and headquarters positions during some 25 years in the Israel Defense Forces, completing his service with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He commanded operational units in the Golani Brigade and the 7th Armored Brigade, and held other posts in the IDF ground forces. Lior also set up the IDF’s only reservist battalion made up of Haredi soldiers and served as the commander of that battalion for eight years, during which time it was awarded a certificate of excellence from the president of Israel. In his final role in the IDF, Lior commanded the Or Etzion military boarding school, which is part of the IDF’s military college system and prepares high-school students for significant service in combat command roles. Lior holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Land of Israel studies and archaeology, both cum laude, from Bar-Ilan University. He is a graduate of the IDF’s battalion commander’s course and command and staff course, and of the Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program.

Dr. Naomi Perl

Director, Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community

Dr. Naomi Perl, a music teacher and developer of music and leadership programs, directs the Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community. She founded the Shluchei Tzibur program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Ron Shulamit academic program for female musicians and music teachers at the Levinsky International College of Education in Tel Aviv. Previously, she served as the educational director of the Sulam nonprofit, which operates extended diagnostic preschools and special education schools, and as a pedagogic instructor and developer of music curricula for preschools and middle schools. She also founded music study tracks at six Haredi high schools, and was a member of the team that founded and directed the Ron Shulamit Conservatory for Haredi girls. Naomi is a graduate of the Me’ohr Bais Yaakov Teachers’ Seminary in Jerusalem, and holds a master’s degree in musical education from the Levinsky International College of Education and a doctorate in sociology of education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Naomi is a graduate of Cohort 16 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

Dani Rozner

Director, Mandel Program for Youth Leadership

Dani Rozner, a social entrepreneur and educator, directs the Mandel Program for Youth Leadership. He has 20 years of experience in the fields of education and society, including management positions. During his years of involvement in the social arena, Dani has specialized in promoting social mobility and in bringing the diversity of Israeli society to the fore. He has served as CEO of the "Aharai!" youth organization, as the director of the Ministry of Education's social and youth administration, as a member of the inter-sectoral roundtable at the Prime Minister's Office, and as a member of an advisory board to the Minister of Education. He was also a co-founder of the Israeli Council of Youth Organizations, the initiator and founder of the "People on the Way" social tourism website, growth manager of the riseup profit-with-purpose startup, and a project manager and policy advocate in the realm of Israeli society and in nonformal education. Dani has a bachelor's degree in environmental studies and geography from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a master's degree in business administration from the Open University and Ariel University, and a second master's degree in environmental management, planning, and policy and geography from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dani is a member of the boards of the "Aharai!" youth group, the "Looking Forward" association for involving young people from the periphery in leadership positions, the National Union of Israeli Students, the Amit network's 24/7 program.

Mishael Zion

Director, Mandel Program for Leadership in Jewish Culture

Rabbi Mishael Zion, an educator and community entrepreneur, is the director of the Mandel Program for Leadership in Jewish Culture. Previously, he was the co-director and rabbi of the Bronfman Fellowships, a leadership program for outstanding young Jewish people in Israel and North America. He is the author of Esther: A New Israeli Commentary and, together with his father, Noam Zion, the author of ​Halaila Hazeh: An Israeli Haggadah and A Night to Remember: The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices. Mishael holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and Jewish thought from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School in New York. He has served as a faculty member at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and the Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning in New York, and has been a visiting scholar at the New York University School of Law. He is one of the founders of the Klausner Minyan, a partnership minyan in Jerusalem.


Dr. Lior Alperovitch

Faculty Member

Dr. Lior Alperovitch is a lecturer on the 20th-century history of Europe and the Jewish people, who specializes in the history of the Holocaust and its commemoration in Israel, visual representation of the Holocaust, and halakhic rulings and religious observance during the Holocaust. He completed the bulk of his academic studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in the departments of history, Jewish history, Jewish thought, and international relations. He holds two master’s degrees – one in history and the other in Jewish thought – and a doctorate in history. His doctoral dissertation examined the relations between Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany and their impact on Holocaust commemoration in Israel during the first two decades of the State. He conducted his postdoctoral studies at the Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research at the University of Haifa. Lior is the head of the Center for the Study of Visual Representations of the Holocaust at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, is a Spiegel Fellow at the Finkler Institute for Holocaust Research at Bar-Ilan University, and teaches in the department of visual and material culture at Bezalel and the department of multidisciplinary studies at the Holon Institute of Technology. Lior is a graduate of the Mandel Program for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community in which he now teaches.

Dr. Noa Apeloig

Faculty Member

Dr. Noa Apeloig is an anthropologist and researcher in the field of identity and education. She completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and her doctorate in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s department of sociology and anthropology, and also holds a diploma from the Group Facilitators Training Institute. Her research examines the link between ethnic identity and motivation to acquire a higher education, using Native American culture as a test case. She currently lectures in the department of behavioral sciences at the Ruppin Academic Center, and is responsible for student training at the Center’s social engagement unit. In addition, Noa tutors and trains faculty members in academic frameworks such as Tel Aviv University’s Dov Lautman Unit for Science Oriented Youth and the Van Leer Institute, having accumulated extensive experience in this area as the founder and director of the Workshop Unit at the Hebrew University’s Teaching and Learning Center, dedicated to improving the quality of teaching at the university. Over the years she has been voted Outstanding Lecturer several times at the higher education institutions at which she has taught.

Dr. Ruth Calderon

Faculty Member

Dr. Ruth Calderon is an educator and Talmud scholar working to promote Hebrew, Israeli, and Jewish culture, to cultivate the study of Torah in the secular world, and to create a liberal, humanistic public space that is rich in culture. She served in the 19th Knesset as a Member of Knesset for the Yesh Atid party and as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. Ruth founded Beit Midrash Elul in Jerusalem and Alma – Home for Hebrew Culture in Tel Aviv. She also served as the head of the culture and education department of the National Library of Israel. In recognition of her work, Ruth was awarded the AVI CHAI Prize for Jewish Education, the Samuel Rothberg Prize for Jewish Education, and honorary doctorates from Brandeis University, the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, and Hebrew College in Boston. Ruth is the author of A Bride for One Night: Talmud Tales and A Talmudic Alpha Beta, which present personal readings of Talmudic stories. Her children's books, The Princess and the Rock and A Rainy Day Story, present adaptations of Talmudic and Chassidic stories for children. Ruth holds a master's degree and doctorate in Talmud from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a graduate of Cohort 1 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

Dr. Amira Ehrlich

Faculty Member

Dr. Amira Ehrlich is an educator with more than twenty years’ experience in the field of music, as a teacher, producer, and researcher. Among other positions, she has served as a member of the national leadership team for the Ministry of Education’s Experiments and Entrepreneurship Division; as a lecturer at the Levinsky International College of Education; as a teacher at the Emuna arts school for religious girls; and as a teacher and music studies coordinator at the Dekel Vilnai high school and the Kinor David yeshiva. She has completed two master’s degrees cum laude, one in music education at the Levinsky International College of Education, and the other in English literature and musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2017, she received her doctorate in music education from Boston University. Her dissertation examined music teachers as change agents. Her published writings explore the philosophy, sociology, and history of music education, and the interfaces between music, education, and leadership.

Dr. Jeremy Fogel

Faculty Member

Jeremy Fogel holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Cambridge and a master's degree and doctorate in philosophy from Tel Aviv University. His research explores the tension between universalism and particularism in modern Jewish philosophy, focusing on the Jewish-German philosophers, Moses Mendelssohn and Hermann Cohen. Jeremy teaches at Tel Aviv University's Department of Jewish Philosophy, as well as at its School of Education. He also lectures publicly on philosophy in various forums. Jeremy has worked for several years at Tel Aviv University's Ofakim teacher preparation program, where he is responsible for extra-curricular activities. Jeremy has also released three albums, and is involved with various independent artistic and literary ventures.

Dr. Yaron Girsh

Faculty Member

Dr. Yaron Girsh is a sociologist and researcher, specializing in education and youth. He completed his master’s degree cum laude in the sociology of education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and completed his doctoral studies in the same institution. His doctoral dissertation examines Israeli teenagers’ conceptions of heroism. He currently teaches sociology and philosophy of education at the Hebrew University, where he has been voted Outstanding Lecturer on numerous occasions. He serves as the head of the department for nonformal education at The David Yellin Academic College of Education. In recognition of his accomplishments during his studies, he was awarded the Hebrew University President's Scholarship, the Polonsky Prize, the Levi Eshkol Scholarship, and the Rector's Prize for Master's Studies.

Dr. David Guedj

Faculty Member

Dr. David Guedj is a historian of the Jews in Muslim lands, specializing in the culture and society of North African Jewish communities in the 19th and 20th centuries. The doctoral dissertation that he wrote as part of his studies at Tel Aviv University’s School of Jewish Studies focuses on the attitudes of Moroccan Jewry toward the building of Hebrew culture in the first half of the 20th century. Among other awards, David is a recipient of the President of Israel’s scholarship for excellence and scientific innovation for outstanding doctoral students for 2015-2017. In 2018-2019, he was awarded the Chateaubriand Fellowship and served as a research fellow at INALCO in Paris. In 2019-2020, he will be a research fellow at the Kreitman School of Advanced Studies at Ben-Gurion University, as part of the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism. David initiated the publication of the lost manuscript of Makhluf Avitan’s Utopia from Casablanca (Beersheba: Ra'av, 2016) and of Albert H. Navon's novel Joseph Pérez (Gama, 2018), and authored an afterword for each book. In addition to his research, he periodically publishes articles in newspapers and other outlets.

Avi Katzman

Faculty Member

Avi Katzman is a cultural critic, journalist, and book editor. He teaches at several institutions of higher education throughout Israel and has edited numerous books, including the “Mar’ei Makom” series of books on topics related to Jewish and Israeli identity, a joint venture of the Mandel Foundation and Keter Publishing House.

Dr. Nir Michaeli

Faculty Member

Dr. Nir Michaeli, currently rector of Oranim Academic College of Education and previously chairman of the Pedagogical Secretariat at the Ministry of Education, holds a PhD in education policy and organization, and has over twenty years’ practical experience in this field. He began his career in informal education, as national counselor coordinator and secretary general of HaMachanot HaOlim youth movement. Subsequently, he moved into formal education and worked as a home room teacher and history and civics teacher at the Givat Brenner regional high school. Nir channeled the experience he garnered from working in both types of educational institutions into his work in teacher training, first as a lecturer and deputy director at the Kerem Institute for Humanistic Jewish Education, and then as head of the education department and dean of pedagogical development at the Kibbutzim College of Education. He has published works on educational policy and teacher training, innovative pedagogies, progressive education, informal pedagogy, and education toward democracy and social justice. Nir is a graduate of Cohort 9 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

Dr. Nitza Roskin

Faculty Member

Dr. Nitza Roskin is an organizational psychologist, consultant, and group facilitator. Her doctoral research, conducted at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, dealt with organizational identity from a narrative perspective. Nitza studied the construction of identity in a well-established educational institution in Israel and showed how the organization's central narratives help its personnel resolve the dissonance between the organization's social-educational ideology and the economic principles underlying its work. Nitza's main research and work interests include organizational identity, processes of constructing identity by narratives, and the interface between self-identity and professional and organizational identity. She explores the interface between the self, the collective, and leadership, in order to reveal the ties between them during the development of identity. This interface focuses on the individual's sense of real and imagined belonging to other collectives with which he/she is in dialogue, and on his/her perception of leadership. Nitza teaches graduate courses on organizational thinking and leadership.


Dr. Amichai Amit

Visiting Faculty Member

Amichai Amit researches and writes on ethics and is a lecturer in the philosophy department and the international BA in liberal arts program at Tel Aviv University. His research focuses on issues ranging from questions about the nature of values and moral justifications, to questions about meaning in life, to topics in applied ethics, such as our moral responsibilities in the face of the climate crises. Amichai is a founding partner of two educational ventures: the first, "Mashma," aims to integrate the study of philosophy into the community through discussing questions relevant to everyday life and guiding small study groups. The second, "Maalot," is an educational non-profit that aims to increase the public's understanding of the climate crisis, its complexity, and its multisystemic nature. Amichai holds a master's degree in philosophy from Tel Aviv University and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Chicago, where he taught until the summer of 2018.

Professor Ron Avi Astor

Visiting Faculty Member

Professor Ron Avi Astor is the Richard M. and Ann L. Thor Professor of Urban Social Development at the University of Southern California (USC), where he holds joint appointments in the School of Social Work and the Rossier School of Education. His research examines the ecological influences of the family, community, school and culture on different forms of school violence. Professor Astor has developed a school mapping and local monitoring procedure to minimize school violence, which is now used in all Israeli schools and across the globe, including in California, Chile, and France. One of his five books, School Violence in Context: Culture, Neighborhood, Family, School, and Gender (2005, Oxford University Press), co-authored by his close colleague Professor Rami Benbenishty from Bar-Ilan University, was awarded several prizes. Professor Astor twice received a distinguished Research Award in Human Development and Counseling, and in 2012 he was named an American Educational Research Association fellow. In 2010, he received an honorary doctorate from Hebrew Union College.

Menachem Bombach

Senior Project Manager

Menachem Bombach is a community leader and educational entrepreneur in the Haredi community. He has served as principal of the award-winning “Le’Zion Be’Rinah” high school; founded the preparatory program for Haredi students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and directed the youth department of the Beitar Illit local authority. Menachem heads the “Netzach” Haredi educational network, which he founded, and which combines religious and secular studies, and aims to educate students to become observant, Torah-loving Jews who are also prepared for practical life. He also heads the Hasidic girls’ seminary affiliated with the network. Menachem studied at the Vizhnitz “Ahavat Yisrael” yeshiva and at the Mir yeshiva, and holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Moreshet Yaakov College and a master’s degree in public policy from the Hebrew University. He lectures in Israel and abroad on education and society. His main areas of interest are education, managing education systems, and inter-cultural dialogue.

Professor Michael Feuer

Visiting Faculty Member

Professor Michael Feuer is Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development and Professor of Education Policy at The George Washington University, and President of the National Academy of Education. For 17 years he held leadership positions at the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, most recently as the executive director of the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education. He consults regularly to educational institutions and governments in the US, Israel, Europe, and the Middle East, including the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (now JPPI) and the Initiative for Applied Education Research in Israel (“haYozmah”). He has published academic papers in education, economics, and policy journals and has had reviews, essays, and poems in newspapers and magazines in Washington, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York. In October 2014, President Obama appointed him to the Board of Directors of the National Board for Education Sciences.

Rabbi Dr. Aviad Hollander

Visiting Faculty Member

Aviad Hollander is a rabbi and educator, who served in the IDF as a military chaplain. In his last position in the army, he was a member of a joint team of the IDF Military Rabbinate and the Education and Youth Corps, which founded the IDF's Jewish Identity and Consciousness Division. Within the division, Aviad was the acting head of the bureau responsible for formulating professional guidelines for the transmission of content related to Jewish tradition and identity in the context of the IDF, as well as for developing training programs on these subjects for education staffs, the IDF rabbinate, and officer-training settings. Previously, Aviad was a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and at the Orot Israel College of Education. He has also lectured and facilitated study groups in informal education settings for adults. Aviad's main areas of expertise are ethics and mishpat ivri (Jewish law), rabbinic thought, religion and state, religion and the IDF, and philosophy of halakha. Aviad’s doctoral dissertation was titled “The Halakhic Profile of Rabbi Shlomo Goren: Studies in the Adjudicatory Deliberations and Modes of Substantiation in his Halakhic Writings.” While studying at Bar-Ilan University, he also studied and taught at the university’s Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies.

Odeya Levin Sousanna

Staff Member

Before joining the Mandel Leadership Institute, Odeya Levin Sousanna served as the study programs manager of the Continuing Education and External Studies Division of the Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem, which is a branch of the Technion. Prior to that, she was the director of recruitment and selection for a joint project of the Ministry of Defense and the Bat Ami nonprofit for national civil service. Odeya serves on her local school parents’ committee, and heads the school’s education committee. She holds a bachelor’s degree in systems management and a master’s degree in non-profit management. At the Mandel Leadership Institute, Odeya coordinates the second year studies of the Mandel Youth Leadership Program, and is responsible for individual mentoring of the program's fellows.

Malka Puterkovsky

Visiting Faculty Member

​Malka Puterkovsky has taught and studied Talmud and Jewish law in various settings in Israel for more than three decades. The former head of Midreshet Lindenbaum, an institution of higher education for religious young women that combines Torah study with military service, Malka is a founder and member of Forum Takana, an organization dedicated to preventing sexual abuse by people with authority in the Orthodox community. She is also a member of the Koby Mandell Foundation, which supports families of victims of terror attacks, and of the non-profit organization that supports the Maaleh School of Film and Television. From 2014 to 2015, Malka served on the Ministry of Health's committee that determines Israel's Medical Services Basket, where she was a public representative specializing in questions of Jewish law. Her book Walking on Her Path: Life Challenges from a Halakhic and Moral Perspective was published in Hebrew in 2014. Malka holds a master’s degree in Talmud from Tel Aviv University, and was honored as a torch lighter at the state Independence Day ceremony in 2015. She is married, a mother of five, and lives in Tekoa.

Vardit Rosenblum


Vardit Rosenblum is a lawyer and a rabbinic advocate. For many years, as part of her work at Yad L’Isha at Ohr Torah Stone, she represented women denied a divorce by their husbands. She is a graduate of Beit Yaakov Seminary and has a master's degree in public policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she is currently a graduate student in Jewish philosophy. Vardit is the founder and director of Midreshet Otot, a framework for in-depth study of Talmud and Jewish philosophy for ultra-Orthodox women. She writes, advises and lectures on various legal and social issues facing Haredi society. In addition, she served on public advisory committees to the Rabbinical Courts and to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and led the latter's program for training religious leaders how to address domestic violence within their communities. Vardit moderated the Tikva Foundation's women's program Chochmatchem Ubinatchem (“Your wisdom and understanding”). She is a graduate of cohort 20 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.

Tzvi Schreiber

Visiting Faculty Member

Tzvi Schreiber is the director of the Lustig Campus of the Lev Academic Center (JCT), which provides hundreds of Haredi women with training in software engineering and computer science in the faculty of engineering and with training in accounting and business management in the faculty of management. Previously, Tzvi was deputy director of the Kemach Foundation, which promotes the integration of ultra-Orthodox Jews into the labor market. He developed and directed the Center for Career Guidance, which referred thousands of Haredi men and women to professional training programs and academic studies, and was also involved in the establishment and operation of partnerships with academic and government bodies. In addition, Tzvi directed an educational institution for immigrants from English-speaking countries, was on the staff of a special program at the Retorno Psycho-Educational Center for Addiction Rehabilitation, and served as a tutor and workshop facilitator for the Mandel Program for Leadership in the Haredi Community and for the Hebrew University's Shluchei Tzibbur program for leadership in the Haredi community. Tzvi holds a bachelor’s degree from Ono Academic College and a master’s degree in business management from the Jerusalem College of Technology, where he specialized in finance and capital markets. He also holds diplomas in organizational consulting from Bar-Ilan University and in business and financial consulting from the Pilat Institute.

Professor Lee Shulman

Visiting Faculty Member

Professor Lee Shulman is president emeritus of The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and was the first Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education and Professor (by courtesy) of Psychology at Stanford University. He was previously Professor of Educational Psychology and Medical Education at Michigan State University, serving as a member of that faculty from 1963 to 1982. He was the founding co-director of the Institute for Research on Teaching (IRT) at Michigan State University from 1976. Professor Shulman is a past president of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). He is a member of the National Academy of Education, having served as both vice president and president of that organization. In 2002 he was elected a Fellow of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Professor Shulman's research and writings have dealt with the study of teaching and teacher education; the assessment of teaching; medical education; the psychology of instruction in science, mathematics, and medicine; and the quality of teaching in higher education.

Dr. Roman Sukholutsky

Senior Staff Member

Dr. Roman Sukholutsky is a researcher of international relations, with experience in teaching at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and in directing educational programs. He completed his doctoral studies at the Hebrew University's department of international relations. His doctoral dissertation examines the intellectual origins of opposition to cosmopolitanism. In his previous positions, Roman developed leadership initiatives, implemented plans for corporate social responsibility and organized international conferences.

Professor Sam Wineburg

Visiting Faculty Member

Professor Sam Wineburg is the Margaret Jacks Professor of Education and Professor of History (by courtesy) at Stanford University, and the head of Stanford's doctoral program in history education. He is one of the world's leading experts on how history is taught and learned, and a pioneer in creating free online history curricula; his "Reading Like a Historian" curriculum has been downloaded 4 million times and is used around the world. In 2007 Professor Wineburg was awarded the American Historical Association’s William Gilbert Prize, and in 2008 he received the James Harvey Robinson Prize, for his work on the teaching of history and on teaching innovation. In 2014-2015, Professor Wineburg chaired a visiting committee appointed by Israel's Council for Higher Education to evaluate the performance of the eight faculties and departments of education at Israel's universities.

Senior Staff

Michal Tock Harpaz

Senior Staff Member

Michal Tock Harpaz is involved in research, content development, and program development in the field of educational leadership. She leads Jewish heritage and holocaust memory tours in Poland, and is a consultant and facilitator for developing and implementing pedagogy that encourages critical thinking. A lieutenant colonel (res.) in the IDF, Michal is a graduate of the IDF College of Command and Staff, and served in a variety of key positions in the IDF's education system. She was the commander of the IDF's central regional unit, in which capacity she led processes related to preparation for military service and to formal and informal values education, in collaboration with the Education Ministry and local authorities. Michal also served as an education officer in combat field units such as the Nahal Brigade and the IDF Judea and Samaria division, where she promoted values discourse and strengthened unit solidarity. In her last position in the IDF, Michal was an adviser at the College of Command and Staff in the areas of strategy, security, and leadership. She holds a master's degree in management and leadership in education from Tel Aviv University, and is a graduate of the first cohort of the Mandel Program for Educational Leadership in the IDF.


Orit Roset

Administrative Supervisor

Orit Roset is the administrative supervisor of the Mandel Leadership Institute. Prior to her work at Mandel, Orit was a missions coordinator for AIPAC, where she managed delegations of senators, Congress members, and senior American officials visiting Israel. Orit also worked for many years at Keshet – the Center for Educational Tourism in Israel, where she was the director of programs and operations for groups of Jewish and Christian tourists, students, and youth visiting Israel from the United States. Orit holds a bachelor's degree in law from Bar-Ilan University. After receiving her degree, she served as a legal assistant to Judge Rachel Karlinsky in the Magistrate's Court in Kfar Saba. As part of her work at the Mandel Leadership Institute, Orit is responsible for the administration and operation of Institute-wide events and provides professional guidance to the Institute's program coordinators.

Michal Barkai

Professional Assistant

Michal Barkai is a professional assistant at the Mandel Leadership Institute. Prior to her work at Mandel, Michal worked as a producer at Alma Productions, a company in Tel Aviv that produces documentary films and television series, and as a curriculum coordinator at the Sam Spiegel Film School. Michal has a bachelor's degree in general and comparative literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is in her final year of studies for a master's degree. She has certification as a language editor from David Yellin College, and is involved in writing, editing, and translating in her spare time.

Aviv Ben Zvi

Coordinator of Digital Learning

Aviv Ben Zvi is the coordinator of digital learning of the Mandel Leadership Institute. Prior to joining the staff of the Institute, Aviv worked for a start-up company that developed advanced public engagement platforms, and previously worked as a guide and content developer at the Knesset Visitors Center. Aviv is completing a bachelor's degree in psychology and humanities from the Amirim honors program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. At the Mandel Leadership Institute, Aviv is responsible for developing digital learning, with an emphasis on integrating advanced learning technologies and providing support to the faculty and staff of the Institute's programs.

Yael Falko

Program Coordinator, Mandel Program for Academic Leadership

Before joining the Mandel Leadership Institute as coordinator of the Mandel Program for Academic Leadership, Yael worked for the informal education department of the Jewish Agency for Israel and at the Harry Oscar Triguboff Institute in Jerusalem. As part of her job as manager and coordinator of projects and partnerships, Yael promoted international cooperation and coordinated inter-organizational educational programs. Prior to this, Yael worked at the Yesod Jewish Cultural Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she organized, promoted, and produced social, educational, and cultural events. Yael holds a bachelor's degree in the humanities from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and speaks and translates in three languages. She has lived, worked, and volunteered in several countries, and taught English at orphanages in Kenya as part of her volunteer work. Yael was also a translator and member of the organizing committee for the Limmud FSU St. Petersburg conferences. Yael was Israel's national fencing champion for several years, and won gold and silver medals in Fencing World Cup tournaments. At the Mandel Leadership Institute, she is responsible for the administration and logistics of the Mandel Program for Academic Leadership and for ongoing communication with the program's fellows.

Racheli Glaser

Coordinator, Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community (Women's Track)

Before working at the Mandel Leadership Institute, Racheli Glaser was a public relations officer for the Hasidic Midrasha in Beitar Illit. She has also worked as a remedial studies teacher at an elementary school, and as a youth worker for Haredi girls at risk. Racheli holds a bachelor’s degree in special education and a teaching diploma from the Michlalah Jerusalem College. At the Mandel Leadership Institute, she coordinates the women’s track of the Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community.

Neta Glikman

Coordinator, Mandel Youth Leadership Program

Prior to joining the Mandel Leadership Institute, Neta served as an educational program coordinator at the Joint (JDC), where she worked on developing communal leadership in Europe. She was also a human resources consultant at a tablet plant of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Neta holds a bachelor's degree in the humanities and social sciences, is a certified group facilitator, and is studying for a master's degree in conflict research, management and resolution at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Miriam Haver

Program Coordinator, Mandel Program for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community (Men's Track)

Miriam Haver is the coordinator of the men's track of the Mandel Program for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community. Prior to joining the Mandel Leadership Institute, Miriam was the culture coordinator for new immigrants to Israel for the Gush Etzion Regional Council. She also served as an emissary to South Africa on behalf of the Jewish Agency and the Bnei Akiva youth movement, and directed a year program in Israel for young people from abroad. Miriam holds a bachelor’s degree in education and a teaching diploma in community and social education and history from Efrata College of Education. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in educational administration, policy, and leadership from the Open University.

Eitan Kehati

Coordinator, Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program

Eitan joined the staff of the Mandel Foundation–Israel following his graduation from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev's Mandel Social Leadership MBA Program, which is conducted in cooperation with the Mandel Foundation. Eitan's first position at Mandel was that of a coordinator and research assistant at the Mandel Graduate Unit. He now is the coordinator of the Mandel IDF Educational Leadership Program. While studying for his degree, Eitan directed a non-profit organization that runs educational projects in elementary schools. Prior to that, he served as an educational-social coordinator for a national organization for children at risk, worked as a social coordinator at a military boarding school, and coordinated a program that integrated overseas students into educational frameworks and prepared them for meaningful service in the Israel Defense Forces. Eitan holds a bachelor's degree in education from Orot Israel.

Michal Moussaffi

Research Coordinator

Michal Moussaffi is a research coordinator at the Mandel Leadership Institute. Prior to joining the staff of the Institute, Michal worked as a guide at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and as a teaching assistant at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Michal holds a bachelor's degree in art history as well as bachelor's and master's degrees in general and comparative literature from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she is studying for a doctorate in English literature. Michal also teaches art history at the Keshet High School in Jerusalem. In her capacity as research coordinator for the Mandel Leadership Institute, she is responsible for gathering, editing, and processing information.

Hodaya Serlui

Coordinator, Mandel Program for Leadership in Jewish Culture

In her capacity as coordinator of the Mandel Program for Leadership in Jewish Culture, Hodaya is responsible for liaising with fellows and faculty, day-to-day logistics and administration, and coordination of the program's recruitment and admissions process. In addition, Hodaya is involved in planning and implementing activities for all fellows, graduates, and faculty members of the Mandel Leadership Institute. Hodaya holds a bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies and in sociology and anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she is completing her master's degree in cultural studies. She also holds a civilian pilot's license. Prior to joining the Mandel Leadership Institute, Hodaya worked at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School, where she was a curriculum coordinator and assistant to the school's director.